About us

We are a family business dedicated to the manufacture of plastics and marketing of packaging materials.
We are backed by sixty years old in the Canary Islands from where we export our products to twenty countries.

What do we produce?

Our main product lines are the manufacture of plastic bags and coils, and the distribution of wavy cardboard boxes, straps, adhesive tapes, stretchable films and various packaging materials.

Our product range

Our product range covers a wide variety of sectors

Envases y embalajes para agricultura Lafepack Canarias


Envases y embalajes para alimentacion Lafepack Canarias


Envases y embalajes para pescado y mariscos Lafepack Canarias


Envases y embalajes para industria Lafepack Canarias


Envases y embalajes para construcción Lafepack Canarias


Envases y embalajes para logística Lafepack Canarias


Since its founding in 1962 as Lafegar Industries, our products have had the required technical and health guarantees in the most demanding markets.